Sunday, September 26, 2010

"yes, i think we've met before"

It's about the love, not the lover.
It's about the feeling, the truth, the part of you that cringes when you remember.
It's letting go and starting anew,
but not starting over.
There's a grand world out there, a crazy world of beautiful people
just waiting to love and be loved.

So let your heart light shine on,
let it glow and flicker and tremble and reflect and shimmer.
Admire the shadows cast,
because they are as much a part of the beauty as the light.


Amber Blue Bird said...

I love reading your site in the morning, it just makes my day better :)

andy said...

You write so beautifully it gives my heart a phsycal reaction, or at least it feels that way.
I went back and read your older posts and some of the things that you or the people you quoted said made me truly want to be better, smarter, braver, nicer and more grateful. Those beautiful people you say are all around us... well, you are the best proof of your own words.

Kaleidoscope Kingdom said...

Ah! That's so lovely.