Tuesday, November 1, 2011


There is a quiet beauty in everybody.

It sings like the first call of a bird, it shouts like a child, it glows
like an imploding star.

It is poetry, the way they speak, in their walk, in their movements.

Hold it sacred, for that beauty is where you will find your
own solace, your own peace.

Look within others to learn how to see yourself.

(Photos via bleue marine, )


It has been so long since I have last been here,
since I have shared and dreamed and explained on this page.

Since I last posted I have moved to a new country,
surrounded myself with new smiles,
encountered countless new trees and danced on new soil.

But I miss writing these thoughts,
recording my hopes for the world,
taking all I am feeling and writing it here.

So I am back, ready, stronger and wiser and more excited about life.

I hope you continue with me on this journey, this adventure,
in this wild wild world.

Friday, August 19, 2011

take me away

I believe in running away to the seaside
to crying in the presence of seagulls
to dreaming as the darkness settles in.

There is something beautiful in the dance
that is created in the lonely spaces, the lovely spaces,
where all is quiet but the chaos inside yourself.

Look out into the distance
and into yourself.
Find what you want, hold the thought in your hand,
and continue running-
this time, towards that thought.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

children of nature

Run outside in the rain barefoot and spin spin spin.

Breathe in the droplets, the smell of the trees, the feeling of electic life in the thunder that roars overhead, in the shadows that dance in the corners.

Feel the heartbeat of the earth in the moist soil, the damp grass, the great big sky overhead.

Do not resist that hesitant moment between wisdom and new beginnings.
It is wisdom in itself,
it is the new morning you have waited for
through this long night.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Surround yourself with dynamic, spontaneous, beautiful people.
People who challenge you
and take your breath away.

Monday, June 13, 2011


The new rebellion is not hatred or destruction.

The world around us is littered in these things already,
to fight the fire with a match
is only asking to get burned.

Watch those who try, watch the spark catch and fly down the tiny branch in their hand
until they are seeing their skin singed.
Until they are watching their own clothing burning
and calling it a success.

We will refuse those lies.
We will refuse to be like them.

Rebellion is defiance,
but the best will be in the way
they don't expect, the way they cannot anticipate.

We are expected to divide. We are expected to compete.
We are expected to accept the rules that benefit us
and ignore those they hurt.

But we will not.
The new rebellion is the revolution,
the new thought and love and creation emerging quietly across the globe.

People who see beyond our artificial barriers and boundaries,
who refuse to be anything less than united.

Beyond cities, beyond countries-
this is a world wide shift in consciousness. This is a shift in thought.

You are already breathing it, living it.
Fighting quietly against those who hate and are cruel,
fighting against those who try to say
one human is better than another.

It is in the acceptance,
the unconditional love and support to those around us.
It is in the love to a stranger, the offering to buy a dinner,
the paying of a toll for the person behind you
where it shines.
This magic, this love, this new beginning.
It is our time, it is our revolt.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

be brave

I think the most beautiful thing a person can do is live.

Live outrageously, courageously,

with intention.

There is a difference between those who live and those who exist.

There is a difference in their voice, in their step, in their breath.

Most importantly,

there is a difference in their heart.

They say there are two ways to bring brightness into this world: to be the light, but also to be the mirror that reflects it. I don't think the mirror has to be quieter. I don't think the mirror is any less of light.

Have you seen a disco ball?

It takes the light one step further, one step further into beautiful.

"My life is my message" Ghandi said,

and that is the best message I think one can give.

Live as you intend the world to be, live as you wish people to be, live

and they will follow.

And it will be beautiful.