Monday, January 17, 2011

let go

There is that one thing. 
That one moment you hesitated, that one second you waited,
that one thing that has not stopped
haunting you since.

Can you see it? It hurts to imagine it, fear pulses in your toes.
But look at it.  See it for what it is-
raw, naked, imperfect.

And now it is a burning ball of fire in the
pit of your stomach, white hot flames
licking your guts.

Hold your hands in front of you,
palms up.  Now reach inside yourself,
reach through the skin and tissue and muscles
and grab that flaming mess.

Throw it far far away...
watch it fly, watch it disapear beyond the horizon,
see the sparks fly up from where it landed.

And feel the rush of the relief
course through you.


Monday, January 10, 2011

new year, now clear

It has been many breaths, many moons, many shooting stars and lightning bursts
but I am home.  Not in the sense of
a structure or wooden frame, not in the sense of dinner table conversations,
or family movie nights, or landscaped lawns.  Home in the
idea of the word, in the comfort in my heart
and understanding in my veins.

I am back and ready for a year of light and love,
a year of glimmering home in the shadowy corners,
a year of chances and make-believe.