Wednesday, November 24, 2010

speak, scream, shout!

There are moments when your hear your heart beat and you know it is time.
And your brain may fight and push and argue
but you know. 

You know that you have words that have been locked in your soul,
waiting to fly out
and it is time to set them free.

In mid-air they dazzle and shine, so much that you may fear them. 
Don't.  Your power is your truth, your power is your love,
your power is in these words that need to be said.

Everyone wants to know they are not alone,
everyone wants to know there is a person who is looking out for them
no matter what.  No matter what.

So speak those words, tell the truths, cry out to the wind, the sky, the air,
the people that you love. 
The people that matter.

They are waiting-
this is your time.

Sorry for the terribly long breaks between posts right now my lovely readers, I'll try to be better! Thank you always for the sweet and wonderful comments.  Things are insanely busy right now so I haven't had much time to be on here but I am always thinking of all of you and when days seem especially long I actually go back and read the lovely comments on posts, they make things so much better.  You all are so fabulous :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

i'm shining like fireworks


Do you see me when you look to the sky, look to the stars?
Because each shining light reminds me of you,
of the brightness in your eyes, in the glimmer that I saw.

You can lose me now, you can leave me now,
you can pretend we've been over since the day we begun.
But I won't forget, and neither will the stars.

If you could just stop whispering those lies,
beautiful twists of smoke, curling in the air,
intoxicating me. 

If you could just stop acting as though there is an ocean between us,
acting as though there is something we cannot get over.

I want to be your friend.
I don't need to be anything more.

I'm scared to touch you because I don't want you to think I mean it. 
I'm scared to be near you because I don't want to lose you entirely,
I don't want to lose you forever.

I drew a black line in pastel across a white canvas. 
You took your hand and smeared it as you interlocked our fingers,
 as you looked at me,
taking me back to when it was our hearts interlocked.

I ran away fast and I ran away far,
but I can't forget you.

But maybe it's not about forgetting.
It's about remembering,
remembering the feeling, the hope, the knowledge that yes,
I can be loved.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

move along, move on

It was an odd sort of nostalgia, an odd sort of longing, an odd sort of empty. It was haunting in it's familiarity, the way your stomach twists when you see a stranger that resembles a long lost friend. After you pass them, you miss the stranger. You miss the friend, but you miss the stranger more, because you didn't ruin things with them. You didn't lose them. You still have hope.

That's all that friendship is really, hope, she thought. Hope that this person won't let you down like the last. Hope that this person will love you unconditionally. Hope that this person will answer their phone at three in the morning if you call. Hope that this person will keep their promises, will hold your hand, will carry you when you need it.

credit: Lauren Treece

She struggled with reconcilling hope and physical loss, as the list of all those moving out into the world flashed on the inside of her eyelids. She had always lived by the motto that if it was meant to be, it will be. She knew not all friends would last forever, and the ones who did were the ones who mattered. And people had moved before. And she was right, the ones she still knew, years later,  were the ones who mattered.

But it was frightening thinking about losing anybody, because everybody mattered to her right now. These people were her ground, her earth, her support and her connection to something more solid than the fleeting oxygen, those who entered her life only to leave. That departure was easy, it was expected. But the earth moving beneath her feet, that was different.

"Attachment is suffering", she had read the other day, before vowing to live a more continual life, reach a more fluid existence. She knew she could not lose attachment entirely, because attachment made life meaningful, but she recognized it as an after the fact attitute- moving forward after recognizing the attachment had become toxic.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

what makes you stronger?

hello there lovely,
you are far too young, far too beautiful, far too wonderful
to feel so broken

so wake up!
wake up to the birds, wake up to the sunshine, wake up to the sea
solitude is not sadness, and dependence is not weakness
look at yourself.
look at all you are carrying, look at who you've become,
and be amazed.

own yourself.
own everything you are, the dark and the light.
there are no mistakes within people, no mistakes in your creation
you are marvelously whole,
and don't listen to the fools who tell you otherwise!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

this little light of mine, i'm gonna let it shine

Replace your darkness with light, your hatred with love

There are always those corners of your mind that need cleaning,
always those places that could be beautiful if only illuminated

Like fire, it is a chance, a hope,
a moment that will burst into so much more

Friday, October 15, 2010

watch me

Nobody can stop you, nobody will stop you
from growing, from blooming, from blossoming.

You decide your life
You don't need their permission or approval
It's all you.

Your choices are your beliefs,
show the world how you feel, who you are.

(Because you are beautiful
and the world could always use a little more beautiful)

"My life is my message" said Ghandi.

What do you want to show the world?
What do you have to teach?

Live your message.
People will stare, will stop, will pay attention:
you will change lives.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

go forth

You know what you must do. You know why you are here. 

There are voices that will tell you no, that will say you can't 
until you almost believe it. 
But just when you are about to,
inhale deeply.

Stretch your arms upward and feel your breath in your heart. 
Bring your hands down and touch your belly, touch your knees and elbows.
Know that you are whole.

You know your reason. You are living your purpose.
Have faith in the bones that hold you together, in the skin that you inhabit.
You are a light-bringer, a wonder-maker, a world-healer.

Each of us, in the way we live, in the way we walk, in our words and in our hearts.
Bring what you may, be what you must
in this wild and wonderous world.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

rainbow dreamer

Dear secret painters, hidden writers, pretend illustrators, imaginary artists everywhere!
This is your call. This is your reminder.
You love the feeling of the wood between your fingers, the colors falling onto the page.  You love the scent of the paint, smearing it onto the canvas, blending and stirring. You love the way the words ring out after you've written them, the way they send shivers up your spine.

Go out, go forth, create!
The world is filled with destruction, with hatred, with malice,
it is up to us to overcome it.
To build over it, to shut it down
by bringing the beautiful up.

Create! Today is the day.
Create something beautiful!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


She wanted to run away. 
The feeling of hot cement under her cracked feet, the feeling of sand between her toes, the wet morning grass stretching beneath her strides.
She needed to leave.

She couldn't remember the feeling when she was here. 
But she could still it, a ghost, hovering in front of her. 
It trembled and shivered, gleamed and glittered, but when she extended her hand outward it would twitch away. 

She wanted to go back to the feeling, bathe in it, soak in it until her skin shone again. Cover herself until she remembered how to breathe. Until her heart began to beat again.

But it teased her, whispering that it was not that easy.
She had to bring it back, she had to live it back, she had to remember how she had let go and stepped forward and trusted and fell all over again.

She had to live it all over again.
She couldn't run, or hide. For it would run faster,  hide better.
She had to stop reaching for the ghost,
and create a new feeling.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

city by the bay

Dress up just for fun. 
There are people around you who are tired of the monotony but paralyzed by fear. 
They can't do it themselves.  But you can inspire them.

Every place needs a trendsetter. Not in the norm, but in the way that pushes buttons and boundaries.  That makes people question and debate.  That prods open their droopy eyelids.

You know the type of person you want to be.  What is seperating you from being that person?  Visualize the obstacles, give them faces and bodies.  See their taut skin or bony shoulders. 

Now kick them down.  You are a skilled fighter, punching them in the face, kicking in their knees, bruising and beating them until they fall to the ground.  The concrete caked earth swallows them. 
And you are set free.

Dress up in clothing, in silky fabric and strands of pearls.
But also dress up in your life. Do something unexpected, whisper a complement to a stranger.  Each day is a manequin, waiting for you to dress it.
Be daring and different, but most importantly
do what is difficult.