Friday, October 15, 2010

watch me

Nobody can stop you, nobody will stop you
from growing, from blooming, from blossoming.

You decide your life
You don't need their permission or approval
It's all you.

Your choices are your beliefs,
show the world how you feel, who you are.

(Because you are beautiful
and the world could always use a little more beautiful)

"My life is my message" said Ghandi.

What do you want to show the world?
What do you have to teach?

Live your message.
People will stare, will stop, will pay attention:
you will change lives.


SimoneV said...

You need to change your blog to a title that invovles the word INSPIRATION in very big, bold letters.

I love it and always look forward to your posts.


Anonymous said...

I second SimoneV's comment. All these pictures, accompanied by the words, INSPIRATION!

Amber Blue Bird said...

These posts always put a smile on face

margg. said...

your positivity is so refreshing.

you are so amazing.

g said...

wow, your blog is so inspiring.
i love it :P

andy said...

This is a very, very good post. I agree with the comments above.

RUNES, BABY said...

oh dear, i want to thank you for this blog, you keep inspiring me for weeks now! so THANK YOU. love. la