Sunday, October 10, 2010

go forth

You know what you must do. You know why you are here. 

There are voices that will tell you no, that will say you can't 
until you almost believe it. 
But just when you are about to,
inhale deeply.

Stretch your arms upward and feel your breath in your heart. 
Bring your hands down and touch your belly, touch your knees and elbows.
Know that you are whole.

You know your reason. You are living your purpose.
Have faith in the bones that hold you together, in the skin that you inhabit.
You are a light-bringer, a wonder-maker, a world-healer.

Each of us, in the way we live, in the way we walk, in our words and in our hearts.
Bring what you may, be what you must
in this wild and wonderous world.


margg. said...

everything, especially this, is so inspirational and beautiful.

you have a talent dearest.

hélène said...

Those are some seriously lovely photos, very inspirational :) xx

franca maisha said...

wow I absolutely love your blog!! soooo inspiring, I will def follow :))


commodestyle said...

lovely pictures;really poetry!!

Amber Blue Bird said...

I adore that last photo, so dreamy

V. said...

these pics are fantastic and so inspirational!
And your blog is amazing!
I follow u!
Visit mine and if u like it dot he same: follow me! it would be an honour!
I'm expecting for u!!!
thanks, v

Among the Willows said...

you are my new favorite!!!

come follow me...

persephone said...

your words, and these photos, are so lovely. thank you.

x, lia

forever said... the last picture.

Peace & Love