Tuesday, November 1, 2011


There is a quiet beauty in everybody.

It sings like the first call of a bird, it shouts like a child, it glows
like an imploding star.

It is poetry, the way they speak, in their walk, in their movements.

Hold it sacred, for that beauty is where you will find your
own solace, your own peace.

Look within others to learn how to see yourself.

(Photos via bleue marine, )


It has been so long since I have last been here,
since I have shared and dreamed and explained on this page.

Since I last posted I have moved to a new country,
surrounded myself with new smiles,
encountered countless new trees and danced on new soil.

But I miss writing these thoughts,
recording my hopes for the world,
taking all I am feeling and writing it here.

So I am back, ready, stronger and wiser and more excited about life.

I hope you continue with me on this journey, this adventure,
in this wild wild world.