Sunday, April 24, 2011

be brave

I think the most beautiful thing a person can do is live.

Live outrageously, courageously,

with intention.

There is a difference between those who live and those who exist.

There is a difference in their voice, in their step, in their breath.

Most importantly,

there is a difference in their heart.

They say there are two ways to bring brightness into this world: to be the light, but also to be the mirror that reflects it. I don't think the mirror has to be quieter. I don't think the mirror is any less of light.

Have you seen a disco ball?

It takes the light one step further, one step further into beautiful.

"My life is my message" Ghandi said,

and that is the best message I think one can give.

Live as you intend the world to be, live as you wish people to be, live

and they will follow.

And it will be beautiful.