Saturday, September 18, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell

Asking for equality, asking for liberty.

to fight like other soldiers, to demonstrate pride for their country, to protect and serve.
to not hide who they are, to not have to act ashamed, to live as their true selves.

It's just love,
but is love ever "just" anything? 
Love is everything.
We should be arguing over hate, fighting prejudice,
not allowing it because of who a person loves.

Please call, email, tweet-
anything to get ahold of your Congress representative.

Let your voice be heard.


Lulu said...

ahhh i may not love her music, or even pay that much attention to her, but she is amazing when it comes to speaking up about GLBTQ causes. these causes are quite close to home for myself, and i'm glad someone with fame is using their fame in such an openly wonderful manner.
thanks for sharing this =]

Sarah Grace said...

It's absolutely astounding that the government is so crooked. Gaga gives me such hope for the future. Fantastic post!


margg. said...

this is so amazing, and so true.