Thursday, September 9, 2010

paris 1959

When I feel lost I look to "Howl" that I have pasted on my wall.
I twist myself into the words, get dizzy from all the thoughts that are flying by my face.  I open up my Kerouac and thumb through the pages, catching snatches of phrases here and there. 
Everything so free, so free.

When I'm done I feel more lost than when I'd begun.
But so much more free, so much more free.

And I remember that is all that matters.


SimoneV said...

This is probably my most favourite blogpost of all time.

I love it's randomness, it's poetry, and it's ability to make me feel lost adn free at the same time, reading that poem, your words, and staring at those beautiful pictures. Makes me feel so good!!!

Thanks muchly for posting

Abi Rose said...

i love the words in the poem,
so weird yet so beautiful xx

Selby said...

You are my favourite blog to read. I get excited every morning to see what lovely, intricate, beautiful words, pictures, stories, ideas you will bring to me.

Thank you.

margg. said...

that is all that matters.

you're amazing.