Monday, September 7, 2009


I love Bollywood.

The music, the amazing lines that they'd never say in an American film, the colors, everything is just so beautiful and exotic and unique.

Today I saw the movie

It's basically a love story, but it's told with such gorgeous pictures and statements, and I just loved every moment of it.

This is a song from the beginning of the movie...

Wouldn't you love to take a bath in rose petals?

It doesn't have subtitles, but she's saying in this song how she isn't going to change for anybody (she's about to get married into an arranged marriage) and she's going to stay herself.

Then this video is from when they're celebrating Lodi...

Look at the colors!

I find that so inspiring, to see how bright and vibrant the clothing is. And the detailing on some of the head scarves is absolutely incredible, like the flowers on the blue and yellow...

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KaJa said...

you have seen this!
im Indian and this is really nice and amazing what you wrote about the was a real hit in India,my mother loves it because it also has soem truth about the history of India and Pakistan seperating. I love it for the similar reasons your do... because teh colours and the love that goes with it=)