Wednesday, September 9, 2009


There's that one book by Sarah Dessen, where one of the characters is constantly going "sah-wooon" when she talks about falling in love. That word has always seemed so awesome to me, so dramatic, so when I found out about the American graffiti artist, "Swoon" I had to look more into her, and when I saw her work...I was blown away.

I love these cutouts!

The tiny details in this picture are incredible!

Isn't it incredible how realistic this face looks? The emotion in the eyes is so striking.
(from top to bottom: photos courtesy of Listen Missy, Filastine Frequency, and

Also, this is a fabulous video on an installation she did at Honey Space. I've literally watched this video everyday for a week now, I love looking at the flickering candles, the beautiful wall art, just the way everything is arranged is so amazing.

Also, this was a great interview I found (yay google!) from SWINDLE Magazine.

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