Wednesday, May 26, 2010

She dances.

dear world,
i would just like to say that i love you.
i love the way your people smile and laugh, i love the way glasses fall to the ends of sweaty noses.  i love the feeling of burrowing under layers of blankets, wool and cotton and fleece.  i love the sounds in a forest, walking on dry leaves, birds wings when they leap from branches, a flower pushing out of the earth. i love the darkness, the still silence of the night when only the stars are screaming. i love the feeling of your toes entering the freezing ocean water, the momentary shock and the seemingly infinite numbness. i love the feeling of hot sand burning the soft skin between my toes.  i love hot chocolate with cream, and coffee when it's scarcely past the point of burning your tongue. i love people who aren't afraid to open up, and make you a part of their life. i love woody allen movies and their awkward romances. i love falling in love.  i love walking in chilly morning air, and the refreshing scent of dew. i love mint leaves in my lemonade. i love learning new things.
i love you.


Sarah said...

i love this post! so enlightening! xx

Urban Legendary said...

I also love this post! So cute. xx

Regan said...

Wow. I love all of your posts, they never let me down! :)