Thursday, May 27, 2010

my life is my art

I have made a decision to live fantastically, phenomenally, ridiculously.  There is not enough time, there is simply not enough time.  So many words, so many thoughts, so many visions that jolt from my body, that rattle my brains and veins and bones.  I cannot type them fast enough, I cannot count the lose papers, ripped and bent, that litter my school bag, that carpet my floor.  They are covered in sketches and scribbles, notes for the future and reflections on the past. 


I have dreams of rooms where the ceiling is simply a billion balloons, held up by lace.  The left wall is covered in mirrors, and the right wall is covered in televisions. The televisions will be playing a continual loop of people checking themselves in the mirrors, and people staring at the ceiling, wondering when the balloons will fall.

"My life is my message" said Gandhi, and I will write that on my arm until I remember. I can't get everything inside of me, that is throbbing and pulsing and aching and crying, out fast enough.  A lifetime is a blink in this sea, where I am beating against the tide, swallowing the water, coughing up salt and vomiting sea glass in the most beautiful way I can.

Catherine Campbell, “In Our Nature” 

I can. I can. I can. I can.

There is not enough time to give birth to all I see.  And so my life will be my art. An ever evolving, growing, changing, wonderous, terrifying masterpiece.  I am at a frightening moment where I feel as though I can physically shape my world, create it.  Life is an experiement, one of those fantastic explosions of light and color so magical you want to froget how you got there and just stay frozen in that heat, in that feeling. 
You must create that feeling. I must be that feeling.  Be the light, the heat. People will want to be frozen in your moment, in the time you shape when you are around them. Look at your life, look at it in the expressions on the faces of those around you.
Realize what you can create, who you can become, who you already are.  


Existence is influence


Anonymous said...

i lovee mermaids

Yvonne+Miuccia said...

Oh wow, this post is stunning in a great way, and i agree with absolutely everything you have said!!! <3 live life <3!

xo yvonne

Cotton Candy Bisous by two girls

Ann. said...

Oh... You're art with your writings!

heleen said...

Yes yes yes, oh dear you are a thousand iridescent smithereens.

Josh said...

This amazes me.
It's as if you've taken my singular being and spilled it in a post with words.

Hannah said...

you have inspired me so much with this. i've been going through a bad month....a friend decided to end his life, and me and the boy have been constantly at each others throats. reading this made some of the dark cloud disperse. you're right life is too short and we all need to concentrate on living it to the full!


Tee, Passports and Postcards said...

Great writing! This post is very inspirational.

francesca said...

this is the most inspirational piece of writing i've read in a long time :)

full of such pure beautifully woven ♥