Monday, June 13, 2011


The new rebellion is not hatred or destruction.

The world around us is littered in these things already,
to fight the fire with a match
is only asking to get burned.

Watch those who try, watch the spark catch and fly down the tiny branch in their hand
until they are seeing their skin singed.
Until they are watching their own clothing burning
and calling it a success.

We will refuse those lies.
We will refuse to be like them.

Rebellion is defiance,
but the best will be in the way
they don't expect, the way they cannot anticipate.

We are expected to divide. We are expected to compete.
We are expected to accept the rules that benefit us
and ignore those they hurt.

But we will not.
The new rebellion is the revolution,
the new thought and love and creation emerging quietly across the globe.

People who see beyond our artificial barriers and boundaries,
who refuse to be anything less than united.

Beyond cities, beyond countries-
this is a world wide shift in consciousness. This is a shift in thought.

You are already breathing it, living it.
Fighting quietly against those who hate and are cruel,
fighting against those who try to say
one human is better than another.

It is in the acceptance,
the unconditional love and support to those around us.
It is in the love to a stranger, the offering to buy a dinner,
the paying of a toll for the person behind you
where it shines.
This magic, this love, this new beginning.
It is our time, it is our revolt.


Miles said...

You write beautifully! I believe in those ideas too. May I reblog this particular post? :)

Keely said...

Beautiful! Reading this gave me shivers...the kind you get when something strikes your soul and resonates throughout your being. I'm so happy to have stumbled across your beautiful blog! Keep writing, keep sharing <3

whiterice said...

Love what your doing girl! Your writing is concise and profound

Taylor Rae said...

Your writing is beautiful and very inspirational. I love the photos you incorporated in this post.

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Great photos. Fantastic inspiration. Dig.

strawberry freckleface

Manon H.A. said...

love this post !!! :)