Saturday, August 28, 2010

i love people

I want to meet the world.
I think everybody is just so incredibly beautiful.
I can't help but love everybody. I can't help but see the good in them. 
And I think everybody can see that good.
But there are people who walk their entire lives without knowing the good inside them.
There are people who walk their entire lives unloved
because nobody's told them otherwise.
Tell them. Speak up.
There are people out there that need to hear your voice.
They need to hear what you already know.
That they are beautiful.


margg. said...

so very true.
people are wonderful.

Haayi said...

I think it's true.So beautifull poem,,really!

SimoneV said...

This is pretty beautiful. I must admit, I also love people, yet at the same time I am a lone ranger and sometimes prefer to be on my own away from the mess of the population. I love them but I am somewhat negative sometimes and can see imperfections of people come out. Whilst this rarely happens, I am fortunate that I also see from your view, that there is still some beauty in everyone and they do need to see it. And I would also love to live the lives of many.
What a very interesting thought you have there. I do hope the life you live is somewhat interesting and you do get to see more of the world adn the people in it at least.