Friday, August 20, 2010


The lights vibrated, pulsated, floated through the air like independent particles with their own mind.  The girl opened her mouth and let her ribcage fly out, felt her muscles twist and shake and tremble with a feeling beyond rage. The feeling of edge. The state of existance just beyond an emotion.

The microphone in her hand, she was armed. Words flew like diamonds, shattering on the ground, slicing into people's faces and legs, cutting them raw.
This is your wake up! She shouted.
This is it! Now what will you do?  Tell me, what do you want to do!

"Everybody here lives in fear. I want you to open up beyond that! Yes, it's uncomfortable,
Yes it hurts, so feel it! Feel that!"

Her voice lowered to a trembling whisper, a sound that crawled through the dingy basement, brushing against the people inside.
"Can you break yourself?" She asked.
"Can you break yourself so that you can put yourself back together in a new way?
Will you? Will you try it?
Because that's the only way to change, really,
that's the only way to change."


Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

such a beautiful and inspiring post <3 x

Barbara said...

so inspiring !

Regan said...

That tatoo is gorgous!!

margg. said...

this is amazing.

inspirational indeed.

the tattoo is similar to my own.

hiven said...


radiocaos said...

really lovely blog!:) the photos are amazing:)
i really like it!

Laura said...

That's it you are my new blog crush. I am in love with your blog and thoughts. Come stop by for a slice of San Francisco sweetie!

Hannah said...

Impossible. I'm speechless.
This is wrenching.

SMASH said...

Beautiful, through and through :)


Jesa said...

love everything about this!
lovely blog :)

Cheers, Jesa