Tuesday, March 9, 2010


She had failed her math test. When she got home there was a note on the table that said her mom would be out until 7. Four hours of freedom. Wild freedom. She was a wild woman, leader of the pack, queen of the jungle. She lay down on the couch and howled, mumbled chants she remembered from somewhere, vague, dream-like words. She turned on the TV and blasted the volume so she could feel the floor shaking.

Then she got our her paints. She took off her jacket, took off her shirt. She shivered in the cold. Then she squirted some color on her hand and slathered it across her stomach. She painted birds on her arms. She smeared a rainbow on her cheek. She put dots on each vertebrae of her spine. She was alive, she was pulsating with light and rhythm and feeling. Society wanted to numb her with the injection of those red marks on her paper. Society wanted her to wallow in her shame until it consumed her, until it was her only motivation.

But she refused.
She knew the injection was nothing more than a sugar pill.
She knew it was all in her mind.
She knew that nothing could kill her soul unless she let it.


Chloe Michele said...

I'm honestly loving this. Your blog is about the most amazing I've seen so far. Defs following.

You put the rest of us to shame my love!

Keep in contact, I think you're excellent.



Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Hi! Thanks for following me! I'm definately definately returning the favour! Your blog is fantastic! So inspiring! Keep up the good "work" :). You're great! Gypsy souls think alike... :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, like a Vogue shoot or a fairytale. Thank you for the love, it means a lot coming from someone with the blogging talent you have.

Sarah from The Etiquette Cult

Ann. said...

Everyone needs moments to be wild :)
I love these pictures and this post! You're blog is very very beautiful,


Orville said...

This is so inspiring... I adore your blog. You're quite unique. Loves ^___^

Kristen said...

I like the first image a lot and I like the concept of face paint - besides being something ancient, it's also something that never fails to be captivating.

Regan said...

I absolutely loved this post, and the first picture was amazing!!! I loved the glitter. Did you take it?

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos.


samantha said...

soooo incredibly good.

following now!

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

are these photos of you? i love the last one!