Thursday, November 12, 2009

Glittah Glittah Glittah

Does anybody know where I could possibly get shoes this epic?

I wannnttt them.

UPDATE: I found them....and they're only $595

Does Santa use net-a-porter?


Anonymous said...

Oooh, they have some really nice glittery brogue style ones in Schuh that look quite similair to those. I've just checked the website and I can't find them on there, but I think they were £29.99. They shound quite tacky, but they look alot nicer when you actually see them, I really liked them:) x

puenktchen said...

i think i saw a pic form net-a-porter some day ago but i'm not sure.
and thank you :)


buenobueno said...
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Robin said...

These shoes are fantastic! I saw a girl in Sydney's CBD rocking a red glitter pair that were quite similar. I'll keep my eyes out for where they're being sold. :)

Sabina Knox said...

brilliant shoes, very brilliant.