Sunday, June 13, 2010

joie de vivre

i painted my nails a lovely cream green today- it was from a collection of polishes called "daydream" which i think is so incredibly lovely. i also met a nice boy who is about to embark on travels to asia, which i admire. i hope (but more expect) to see him in the future, which i am excited about. i jumped on a trampoline and dipped my toes in a pool. i went to my third bbq in the last three days, and ate some ben and jerrys and delicious pasta salad. tomorrow i am losing my wisdom teeth but i think it will be okay because i have beautiful friends who are going to keep me company in my painful and loopy stage after. one day of glee, one day of daria, and a friend coming from an hour away to bring me jello. i think this is the wonderful life.
i am exicited for possibilities, for life, for living.



everything sounds fantastic except for the wisdom teeth bit :B mmm i love BBQ's haven't been to one in a while! and i adore green nails too, have fun ♥

Chloe Michele said...

Life is just beginning.

P.S: My heart goes out to your wisdom teeth troubles.

Boho Glamour said...

the pool sounds like's so hot out right now! good luck with those wisdom teeth....ouch! :)

cara mia

Anonymous said...

Where is this photo from? Are copies of it available for sale? It is AH-MAZING!