Thursday, December 31, 2009

almost another year...

I found this awesome website the other day!

It's pretty cool, you can set goals online, record your progress, talk to others who want to do the same things, find out how people accomplished them, and all sorts of stuff like that! I found all kinds of goals I never would've thought people would have, and was definitely inspired to try some different things, set some goals, make some REAL resolutions for this next year,
this BRAND NEW decade. (Is anybody else slightly intimidated that this it's going to be a new decade?)
What are your new years resolutions my loves?


Christina Love said...

love the blog!

Sophia said...

i love that website! i set up an account forever ago and i still go to it every once in a while. when i'm bored and don't know what to do, i go find a goal of mine that i can work toward. yay productiveness :)

happy 2010!

Ash Fox said...

That sounds like a great concept! I need to check it out for sure.

I'm following your lovely blog.