Saturday, December 6, 2008


Great movie. Makes you think...

Personally I believe that love is totally the wrong thing to oppose. We should be fighting hate, fighting discrimination, fighting what makes people feel less than who they are. Making people feel guilty, shameful, embarrassed, because they cannot be honored with the same rights as straight people...I honestly can't even understand how people can do that. I do understand there are different reasons, and I don't want to judge people who voted in favor of Prop 8, because I know they aren't all the same, and I would hate to have my personal reasons mislabeled by people who want acceptance for all.

But I do think that those who voted in favor of Prop 8 should really look at the reasons they voted yes. Think about if the reasons are really worth the amount of pain that is coming from those who simply love each other and yet are being told they should not. Look at the faces of your friends, your neighbors who are married. Could you look them in the eyes and tell them their love is wrong? Because of a reason as superficial as their hair color, their clothing, their race? Look at all the information. Look at why your views are what they are, and be absolutely sure it is because of what you think, and not because of anybody else. And if you can evaluate all of that, and still stand strongly by your beliefs, then I respect you.

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